The city, the team, fairy tale general exists in this rapidly changing world, alone. , they are different and we know all the team.

In general, as long as a few years time, a team will face all the. For example, we know the rockets, but for five years, yao Ming, Tracy McGrady, scola, shane battier, hayes... For writing the common memory of a generation of Chinese fans there is no one in the rockets players. They or retired, or go other cities, each rush thing. In this day and age, find cheap Manu Ginobili jerseys supply the right person is not easy, for keeping not easily by people willing to phase. For a city to play for a team of what life is no longer follow the object and the pursuit of goals. Success is far more important than to stick to, a not in another, like the thirst of the warring states period established fame mongols union heroes, but seek fame, don't care about others. One after another three giants are brought together, a new generation of young people to follow the tries to transcend, looking for better ways of cooperation, faster is closer to a championship earlier... This is not the fault of The Times, this is the time, but the cheap Spurs Manu Ginobili jerseys spurs become heterogeneous of this era. They may have wanted to be the legend, must not have wanted to be a fairy tale, but time too reality rushing too fast, far behind their precipitation as so on.

I still remember nine years ago, in the summer in SAN Antonio. It was my first interview with the NBA finals, the spurs have won their third championship. 6 years That is the championship for the first time I feel happy, every corner of the arena champagne watered with laughter. In the French flag parker, and his brother, friends, and then his wife longoria children generally formed a word long snake jammed in the locker room and the tunnel. Ginobili kept swinging alcohol cheap Manu Ginobili jerseys free shipping wet elegant long hair, because keep someone will take a photo with him, he was very care about have to stay in the appearance of the scene. Duncan is guided from one room to another room, as a player, from that moment that he will have to accept the end of the interview too much. Gregg popovich's nose is red, a see be drink a lot. Had great difficulty in pr team to get this four people together, and took the title after wholesale Manu Ginobili Jerseys publicity photos. At that time no one demanding the spurs to be a dynasty, even if they have won many titles, the first four ratings from bottom in the United States market, success does not mean that the great value. That capture people's attention story is still the lakers is the fledgling James, to promote to the market to create value the best stories are being told the most stories. So, gregg popovich and Duncan and parker, ginobili to write this story for many years. Time is the most powerful, because time only forward, and the spurs' uniqueness lies in the past 20 years, they have been writing this story, so they are different, no one can imitate.

At the end of the fairy tale? There will be, all stories end.

In October 2010, parker and signing a four-year contract extension, until 2014-15 season he will play for the spurs. In July 2012, Duncan signed a three-year contract, he will play for the spurs to at least 2014-15. In July 2013 after the finals loss to the Miami heat, manu signed a two-year contract, deadline also point to 2014-15. And gregg popovich, his contract with the spurs will end after 2014-15. That is the end of the fairy tale?

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